Devops Engineer

We are looking for multiple hands on software engineers to handle DevOps to refine and manage multi-tenant delivery system to deliver RBFS to customers. You will be part of a fast-paced team responsible to develop different network topologies, automate them and deliver to the field. Open  communication, empowerment, innovation, teamwork and customer success are the foundations of the team with "Pay for Performance" culture. Thus, you set your own limits for learning, achievements and rewards.


  • Experience with shell scripting, building C applications; good to know or learn python, golang
  • Experience with Linux virtualization and container technologies (LXC, Docker, LXD, libvirt, cgroups)
  • Experience handling DevOps tools(Ansible, Puppet, Chef) to manage componentized software delivery to the field
  • Good understanding and troubleshooting skills in Linux networking is must
  • Experience With Contemporary Software Development Tools (Git, Gitlab, Jenkins, Cmake, GNU buildtools)
  • Experience with Linux "APT" Package Management, Web server nginx, , optional Open Network Linux (ONL)
  • Strong problem solving and software development/troubleshooting skills
  • BSEE/CS with 6-8 years of related experience is required
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Able to plan and execute tasks with minimal supervision
  • Team-player, can-do attitude, will work well in a group environment while being able to contribute well on an individual basis
  • Participate on a project team of engineers involved in the development of software for a next generation routing and system stack, with emphasis in routing protocols. Define, architect, design, and deliver a new kind of software and features for Bare Metal Hardware. You will be responsible for the automated build, CI (Continuous Integration), CD (Continuous Development) and automation test suite as part of our software delivery value proposition. You will be exposed to integrating services and plugins via Jenkins, Python and working with our micro-services based Management suite. You will be responsible for managing and extending a CDN and a software distribution strategy.Participate and work closely with developers at various stages fspec, design reviews to develop test-plans, tools, utilities.Drive authoring of detail feature test-plans, Design Test bed design, test topologies. Set up complex test beds based on Project requirements. Develop python scripts and robot scripts for automated testing. Assist development engineers in product defect diagnosis. Participate in customer calls and assist in troubleshooting, data gathering and communicating resolution/fixes.