Lead Frontend Engineer

Join our growing product team as a hand's on engineer and take a key role in building the frontend for our B2B SaaS innovation management platforms.

With the rise of remote work we are operating a distributed development team, with hubs in Belgrade (SER) and Rotterdam (NL), a remote group in Uberlândia (BR), and frequent gatherings in our head office in Zürich (CH). We are open to remote applications from any time zones that work with this group.


What you will work on and shape together with us

🎸 Rock the frontend

You are responsible for ensuring the quality, scalability and flexibility of our frontend interface and development team. We are building dynamic frontend components and delivering smooth experience across our products. Together with the product team you're shaping the technical roadmap for our SaaS platform. Besides leading the growing frontend engineering team located in multiple international sites, you will remain hands-on on key projects and provide technical mentorship as well as guidance to other team members.

🀟 Build a strong foundation

You will make sure that being an engineer at rready means working with the best-practice standards in mind. From how we structure our code, data models, designing our APIs and writing our documentation. You also have experience and interest in our tech-stack: Vue.js, Typescript, AWS, MongoDB, NodeJS and Kotlin.

❀️ Product-Centric Engineering

Engineering and design decisions evolve hand-in-hand with the product we are building. You will collaborate with various disciplines and assure that everyone takes ownership over the product.

πŸ” Solve Security Challenges

Our enterprise innovation software holds intellectual property of over 30 global organisations. It needs to be private and secure while at the same time offer opportunities for customers to open up their platform for open innovation. You make sure we can achieve this vision.

🧠 Small is Better than Big

We believe that as a small A-Team of engineers we can achieve more. Help to shape a culture where continuous razor-sharp focus and collaboration as a strong team will help us to be super effective in our day-to-day work.

🀸🏼 Help empowering employees

With rready we are giving employees inside organisations the chance to reach their dream job and following their passion. Help us designing a product that is living up to this goal and makes a dent in the innovation scene.

Where our engineering team is located:

With the rise of remote work we are operating a distributed development team, with hubs in Belgrade and Rotterdam, a remote group in Uberlandia, Brazil, and frequent gatherings in our head office in Zürich. We are open to remote applications from any time zones that work with this group.

You should apply if you...

βœ…  Have experience working on a large web application / B2B SaaS (tech-stack: Vue.js, Typescript, SASS, Node.js) - advanced knowledge of pure JS/HTML/CSS is a must

βœ…  Nice to have: ...have some experience working with backend (our stack there: AWS, Kotlin, MongoDB, ELK stack)

βœ…  Already hired and led an engineering team following agile/scrum in efficient and effective way

βœ…  Translate product vision, visual design and high level features (from the Product and Design team, using Figma) to technical instructions so that you and the team make it become real

βœ…  Have high level of web application architecture expertise, and remain accountable for decisions that scale and for sustainable solutions (we are building a dynamic frontend with reusable components)

βœ…  Enjoy mentoring team members through remote collaboration as well as conduct product brainstorms, technical discussions and code reviews.

βœ…  Have at least a Bachelor's degree / equivalent education or an amazing track-record of rockstar projects that fit to this role

βœ…  Have at least 7 years of professional experience as software developer and experience in leading smaller or larger engineering teams. We don't count the years in your CV, but are looking for proof of your capabilities for this role

βœ…  Are willing to join a startup that is just in the beginning of its journey and shape together with us the way that is to come

βœ…  Can motivate people and are an excellent communicator

βœ…  Are fluent in written and spoken English (German, Serbian, Macedonian or Portuguese is a plus)


You should not apply if you...

⚠️  Like scheduling many inefficient meetings

⚠️  Unable to suppress your ego and admit your mistakes

⚠️  Endlessly search for the perfect solution

⚠️  Are looking for managing, but not coding

⚠️  Are looking for a typical 9-to-5 job.

⚠️  Don't have a startup mindset

⚠️  Don't like working remotely

⚠️  Don't like assessing vague problems


How we work at rready

πŸ’œ We are passionate about what we do

We commit to the mission to give every employee in any organization the opportunity to learn and apply the tools to innovate and shape our tomorrow. We enable them to follow their passion, discover their best self and create their dream job in the process.

Knowing that we can make a difference for others, we also bring our best self to work and strive to foster a work culture that helps us to achieve our mission.

πŸ§™‍♂️ Magic = Team Effort

We own the topics that we work on, we constantly seek feedback and gather learnings across all areas in rready - and beyond. We view the organizations that join our movement as our partners and we care to develop solutions that actually have impact. We don't wait for magic to happen, we share and ask and reach out to create it.

πŸƒ‍♀️We go all the way

Since we care about the outcome and effect of our products and services on employees and organizations, we make sure to deliver a high-quality standard throughout all that we do. It is absolutely ok to make mistakes, as long as we learn from it and care to share the gained insights with our team.