Press Release

Cato Networks Reaches $100 Million ARR in Just Five Years to Become Fastest Growing Enterprise Network Security Startup

TEL AVIV, Israel, November 8, 2022 — Cato Networks, provider of the world’s leading single-vendor SASE platform, announced today that annual recurring revenue (ARR) grew from $1 million to $100 million in just five years. This best-in-class performance for enterprise network security compares with LinkedIn and faster than consumer-oriented brands, such as Twilio, Wix, Zapier, Canva, and Shopify.

Like these companies, Cato was the first to bring a born-for-the-cloud architecture to disrupt its category. Since its founding in 2015, Cato’s vision has been of a single, global platform to converge enterprise networking and networking security in the cloud, a vision that was adopted in 2019 by Gartner in the SASE framework and more recently the market guide for Single-Vendor SASE. To date, Cato SASE Cloud has been adopted by 1,500+ enterprise customers spanning 23,000+ branch locations and cloud instances and 450,000+ remote users across 150+ countries.

“Cato is leading the biggest disruption of the networking and network security markets since the introduction of the next-generation firewall 17 years ago,” says Alon Alter, Chief Revenue Officer at Cato Networks. “The simplicity, agility, visibility, and control of the Cato SASE Cloud brings world-class security protection and optimal network performance to businesses of all sizes. Driven by security and networking experts, Cato has the right service DNA and technology to become the mission-critical platform for the digital enterprise.”

“With Cato, we got the speed of a Porsche with all of the capabilities and costs of a sedan. Cato improved our ability to collaborate with one another, enabled our worldwide telecommunications cost reductions by 15 to 20 percent, while enhancing our security posture,” says Rodney Masney, chief information officer at O-I Glass, a $6.4B producer of glass bottles and jars worldwide. O-I Glass has nearly 200 locations today on Cato, servicing some 24,000 people across 19 countries. “Cato is transforming our ability to connect to our network in a different and meaningful way with respect to mobile work, working from home, better throughput and performance, and a higher level of security.”

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