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Greenfield One

Berlin, November 24 2021Greenfield One, the Berlin-based early stage crypto VC firm,
announces the closing of its third fund. With a volume of 160 million dollars (135 million
euros), it is now Europe’s largest crypto fund. Greenfield One will continue to invest the
newly raised funds in crypto networks and developer teams that create an open,
decentralized and more robust architecture of tomorrow’s web. The new fund has already
made initial investments in Paladin, a governance lending protocol; Brink, a decentralised
finance (DeFi) protocol for conditional bids; and Darkblock, a protocol for rights
management of NFTs; amongst a few others.

At the end of last year, Greenfield One announced the first closing of the second fund with
a target volume of 50 million euros. This was then closed early, as there were already
significant increases in value in the portfolio after the first investments.

In addition to many existing investors such as Bertelsmann Investments and family offices
such as Lennertz & Co. from Hamburg, the telecommunications group Swisscom,
CommerzVentures, Galaxy Vision Hill, the fund of funds business unit of Mike Novogratz’s
Galaxy Digital, and the fund of funds Aldea Ventures are new backers. The fund does not
use public funds; all investors come from the private sector.

With its focus on European projects and many years in the industry, Greenfield One has had
several major successes in the past. The Berlin-based crypto fund was the first investor in
projects like 1inch. Greenfield One was also the first institutional investor to invest in Sovryn
and thus bet on a Bitcoin-native DeFi ecosystem. The firm was also an early investor in
Celo, which attracted investors like Deutsche Telekom earlier this year. In addition to the
European projects, Greenfield One has also long been invested in Flow, the blockchain
developed by Dapper Labs, which became known to a broader audience with NFT-based
basketball trading cards, among other things. The fund thus plays a crucial role in the rise of
the European crypto market.

Sebastian Blum, Founder and Partner, Greenfield One:

“Web 3.0 has now evolved out of
its niche. The pace of innovation is still extremely high. We are very happy about the strong
growth of the investment volume in our new fund, in which previous backers but also more
and more institutional investors are getting involved in order to profit from the innovations
in the crypto market.”

About Greenfield One
Greenfield One is an Early-Stage Crypto Fonds based in Berlin and was founded in 2018 by VC veteran
Sebastian Blum and serial founder Jascha Samadi. The fund invests early in crypto networks and developer
teams that are creating the infrastructure for Web 3.0 as a fundamental asset layer on the internet through
blockchain-based technology. Greenfield One pursues a very research-driven investment approach and also
actively participates in the portfolio’s crypto networks through its own technical infrastructure in order to
maximize potential returns in a as diversified way as possible. The first Greenfield One fund was launched in
early 2019. Since then, the team, which consists of experienced founders, developers and crypto investors, has
successfully invested in various seed-stage projects, including NEAR, Celo, Spacemesh, Vega, Multis, Arweave,
Dapper Labs and 1inch. Greenfield One is now investing from its third fund which is registered with the German
BaFin. It will comprise around 35 investments. The aim is to enable a broader circle of investors to have access
to the potential of blockchain-based business ideas and models and allow participation in this independant
asset class in Europe. Existing investors include Bertelsmann Investments, the investment arm of the
international media, service and education company and leading family offices such as Lennertz & Co. from
Hamburg, Germany.

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