Press Release

Nanolive SA Announces Initial Closing of Series C-1 Round

Tolochenaz, Vaud, Switzerland — April 4th, 2022 – Nanolive SA, a leading live cell imaging and
analysis company, announces today that it has successfully completed the initial closing of US
$20 million in the Series C-1 equity financing round of investment, led by a US-based and NASDAQ
listed life science investor, and Taiwania Capital, the leading life science venture capital company
based in Taiwan. This equity round of investment is also supported by investments from existing
investors, including Swisscom Ventures, along with other partners. Nanolive is working closely
with investors to secure a second close within ninety days.

Nanolive’s cutting edge label-free microscope devices and state-of-the-art digital analytical
solutions provide researchers and scientists working in the biopharmaceutical industry and
laboratories with all the tools required to accelerate innovation in growth industries such as drug
discovery and cell therapy.

Being able to screen thousands of living cells in 3D, without damaging them promises to radically
advance how scientists study living cells. But the quantitative analytical suite Nanolive offers is a
complete game-changer. Combining sub-cellular resolution with unique AI-assisted digital assays
provide researchers and scientists a unique opportunity to study complex cell-drug perturbation
dynamics and cell-cell interactions (e.g., T cell and target cell interactions), quantitatively, an
approach that will revolutionize the cell-based assay phase of the drug discovery workflow.

“Life Sciences are undergoing a fundamental transformation, and Nanolive is at the heart of
says Dr. Yann Cotte, Nanolive’s CEO and Co-Founder. “We are honored to receive an
investment from such an impressive group of investors who are excited to support us in our goal
to transform the discovery and development of therapeutics. With this fundraising, we believe
Nanolive is well positioned to drive significant growth of our Digital Assay solutions and is at the
leading edge of this global bioeconomy gold rush. We are selling the best picks and shovels for
live cell solutions.”
“We are thrilled to be part of a Swiss-based innovative company that will revolutionize the drug
discovery process,” said Michael L. Huang, Managing Partner of Taiwania Capital. “With this
funding, Nanolive is well positioned to provide crucial tools and solutions to pharmaceutical and
biotech companies, and research institutes for developing better therapies that would save
millions of patient lives”.