Press Release

Scailyte and Volv Global announce strategic partnership

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven biomarker discovery innovators Scailyte and Volv Global, today announced a strategic partnership to develop a patient identification and diagnostic platform for rare diseases.

The companies join their unprecedented expertise in data analysis: Volv Global identifies digital disease biomarkers by screening patient electronic health records (EHRs) with a unique automated disease learning platform, inTrigue and Scailyte leverages a best-in-class single-cell data analysis platform, ScaiVision, to identify and validate disease-specific molecular biomarkers.

Through the joint venture, Volv Global will identify potential patients with rare or difficult to diagnose diseases, who can then be enrolled in molecular biomarker discovery studies led by Scailyte and clinical key opinion leaders in the disease area.

The benefits of these joint efforts will be multifaceted: undiagnosed or misdiagnosed patients will be treated appropriately much earlier, clinicians will have tools for an informed diagnosis and pharmaceutical companies will be able to provide therapies to the target population with high response rates.

Peter Nestorov, PhD, CEO of Scailyte commented: “One of the key challenges with oncological and immunological diseases is their biological complexity. So to diagnose these diseases accurately and stratify the patients, a multi-parametric approach is needed – one that combines molecular readouts with clinical data and a smart algorithm to support clinicians in their decisions. I am excited that the Volv-Scailyte partnership addresses this major clinical need in a holistic way and has the potential to make a difference for millions of undiagnosed or misdiagnosed patients.”

Christopher Rudolf, CEO of Volv Global added: “We are learning more and more about rare diseases, for example, that what might once have been thought of as a single rare disease is actually multiple rare diseases that have been classified under a single category. This is why so many patients remain undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. The partnership between Vovlv and Scailyte has the potential to dramatically improve the journey to diagnosis and treatment for patients. The synergies between our two companies offer an important value proposition to patients, clinicians and pharma companies.”

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