Press Release

Spacetek Technology AG announces the successful closing of its Seed Financing Round

Gümligen, BernSpacetek Technology AG, a trailblazing company specializing in the design and production
of time-of-flight mass spectrometers (TOF-MS) inspired by space technology, has successfully completed its
seed financing round in October 2023. Led by Swisscom Ventures, 5.8 million CHF in funding has been
secured from a group of financial investors. The Spectrum Moonshot Fund also joined as a co-investor along
with the existing shareholders.
Spacetek Technology, founded by Jürg Jost, together with a dedicated group of like-minded innovators, has
been spearheading the utilization of space technology to revolutionize complex industrial processes. The
company has designed and built state-of-the-art TOF-MS instruments that are compact and fit for purpose to
deliver valuable technology to the field of semiconductor manufacturing. The focus has been on addressing
critical yield issues by significantly improving real-time analysis of process gases and thus enabling lower
scrap rates. This focus has already earned Spacetek the trust of several commercial partners in Germany,
Israel, Korea, and Japan, with a rapidly expanding network across Asia, Europe, and the US.

“The trust of our investors has validated our commitment to pushing the boundaries of process technology in
the semiconductor industry,” said Jürg Jost, CEO Spacetek Technology AG. “This financing round will enable
us to continue our mission extended to our clients, to enhance manufacturing processes, reduce waste, and
improve overall performance.”

Christian Studer, Chairman of the Board of Directors, remarked, “We are proud of Spacetek’s evolution, and
this successful financing round is proof of our team’s dedication to pioneering innovation in the industrial
process analysis sector. We are excited to support the company’s vision and trust that we will achieve even
greater milestones together.”

Pär Lange, lead investor from Swisscom Ventures, commented, “Spacetek’s technology and performance are
impressive. The strong positive feedback we have received from the industry, underlines our belief that the
company is in a uniquely good position to develop into a valuable player in its field. This financing round will
give the company the ability to further drive innovation and respond to customer demands.”