Startup Days 2023

To move ahead, it’s all about enablement, contribution and collaboration. We, Swisscom & Swisscom Ventures, are proud to have added our share also to this year’s Startup Days.

The Swisscom’s apprentice proudly presents their impressions in the video below.

Swisscom CEO, Christoph Aeschlimann stated:
📌 #startups can make a real impact by solving the worlds most pressing issues – as demonstrated by our portfolio company Ecorobotix.

📌 Switzerland needs more growth funding to build more global category leaders solving the world’s most pressing issues such as climate change, clean energy, farming etc. This will help us build a more sovereign and successful future for #Switzerland.

Take aways from our panel ‘Overcoming funding barriers for #deeptech and #climatetech’ by Jennifer Webb, with entrepreneurs grappling with the challenges Luca Christen, David Brandes, Simon Aspinall and Juan Mario Michan:

📌 When it comes to raising equity, communicating the vision and impact drives initial interest but it needs to backed up with solid indications of customer demand, a demonstrable business model, and scalability that delivers investor returns.

📌 Working your own route to impact. Whether its by collaborating with todays’ existing industries to achieve maximum immediate CO2e reductions such as Daphne Technology and Ecorobotix, or by building tomorrow’s industries such as Climeworks with DAC or planetarygroup with bio-processing, ultimately all aspects of transition and transformation need to be completed.

Take aways from the panel “Hopes and challenges in developing Digital Therapeutics aka DTx” by Myoung-Ok Kwon, and Klea Wenger with Rana Lonnen and Stephane Wolf from Novartis:

📌 Altough the space is/was overhyped, DTx has enormous potential to bring therapies where there are currently no therapies available or to significantly improve existing ones.

📌 There is a lack of a broadly accepted definition of what exactly a DTx is but we expect this to change as we await the ISO guidance in the next weeks.

All in all, we fully agree with our federal councilor Guy Parmelin: “In Switzerland, every day should be a startup day”!