Scailyte closes Series A funding with a CHF 6 million investment

Scailyte has successfully finished the Series A funding raising CHF 6 million from a Swiss family office, Mirabaud bank and previous investors.
Peter Ibbotson, who has recently been promoted to the position of a Partner at Swisscom Ventures will replace Dominique Mégret on the Board of Directors of Scailyte.

Scailyte’s priorities will be focused on advancing the endometriosis biomarker into the prototype validation stage in the United States as the primary target market. In addition, the company is building strategic partnerships in single-cell omics, cell & gene therapy, and translational oncology to increase the success rate of novel cancer therapies in the clinic. Scailyte is also expanding the discovery capabilities of ScaiVision, our best-in-class single-cell analytics platform.

“The continuously increasing failure rate of highly anticipated new cancer immuno-therapies in combination with recent FDA’s considerations to step away from animal models is leading to both: unprecedented challenges for translational oncology, and exciting opportunities for clinically relevant alternative models. We are proud to be working with Nilogen Oncosystems in developing a joint platform using fresh patient tumour tissues, a cutting-edge omics engine, and computational tools for evaluating the mechanism of action and efficacy of immuno-oncology therapies. We aim at supporting faster and data-driven decision making in drug development, increasing the success rate in clinical trials, and advancing personalized cancer treatment” said Juana Lucia Flores-Candia, PhD, MBA, VP Strategy & Business Development at Scailyte.

Peter Ibbotson, MBA, Partner at Swisscom Ventures, commented: “Swisscom Ventures has been an investor in Scailyte since 2018. We were attracted by their team and the innovative use of AI to discover biomarker signatures which improve early diagnosis and therefore have a positive impact on patient journeys. Since our initial investment the company has moved forward in many areas and we are excited to be part of a project with the potential to improve so many lives”.

Mirabaud acted as the Company’s exclusive advisor for the fundraising process coordinated by the Swiss M&A Advisory team. Gianpaolo Chiriano, PhD, MBA, Managing Director at Mirabaud group, commented: ““We are very pleased to have helped Scailyte secure this financing as a basis for the future achievement of the company’s milestones. At Mirabaud, we are committed to supporting our clients over the long term and, in doing so, we aim at supporting the development of breakthrough technologies. Our scope is to connect science-driven and disruptive companies with high-premium investment communities and to lead them towards success, making a social impact and creating value globally. This transaction reinforces Mirabaud’s position as a leading advisor in the financing of healthcare-related projects at the international level among institutional and private investors.”

About Swisscom Ventures
Swisscom Ventures is the venture capital arm of the Swisscom Group with over $650 million in assets under management and advisory. Since 2007, Swisscom Ventures invested in over 80 technology companies from offices in Switzerland (Zurich, Bern, Lausanne) and the USA (Silicon Valley). As a strategic investor, Swisscom Ventures offers entrepreneurs access to their technical infrastructure and market channels in addition to financial support.

About Mirabaud
Mirabaud is an international banking and financial group based in Geneva, Switzerland. Founded in 1819, it gradually developed into the third largest private bank in the city. Mirabaud Advisors offers tailored, independent financial advisory services in Corporate Finance/M&A, fundraising and corporate strategy. The bank provides these services through its extended international network of investors.

About Scailyte
Scailyte is a spin-off of ETH Zurich and combines single-cell technologies, high-quality datasets and machine learning methods to identify disease-specific biomarkers, with a focus on oncology and immunology. Scailyte’s proprietary best-in-class data analysis platform ScaiVision associates multimodal single-cell datasets (RNA-/TCR-/BCR-seq, proteomics, etc) with clinical endpoints, such as disease diagnosis, progression, severity, treatment response, in order to identify ultra-sensitive biomarker signatures. Thanks to the single-cell resolution and AI-driven approach, ScaiVision is the most powerful and cutting-edge approach to precise diagnosis and prediction of therapy response. Scailyte leverages a broad network of top clinicians to identify clinical indications with high unmet clinical needs and collaborates with global pharmaceutical and biotech companies to translate novel biomarkers into ultra-sensitive companion diagnostics (CDx) or IVD assays.

For more information, visit www.scailyte.com and connect on social media @LinkedIn and @Twitter.

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